Not only a website, but a blog too!


Not only a website, but a blog too!

Hello to you who are reading this! I am pleased to announce that you are now reading my very first blog post. I have no idea who you are though I probably have a plugin which tells me that the website has been visited by your presence (still have to learn how to use that). It’s greatly appreciated that you chose to read this in whole of the vast and infinite universe called Internet, so I will try not to waste your precious time. (And hello to my friends who’ve been forced to read this and proofread this.)

First a disclaimer:

I’m really nervous and have been postponing writing this for so long. I am afraid that I will sound really stupid and unprofessional and that I won’t reach your high expectations. And I, too, have high expectations of myself! But what’s the worst that can happen? I can imagine a future me reading this and being ashamed. But let’s just remember how I used to draw in 2013. And how I do that now. (pictured below) So hopefully, one day I’ll be reading this and I’ll be proud of the progress I made in writing too. But to be able to do so, I have to write now. So let’s get down to business.

I’ve actually only planned to make a portfolio website so I could connect better with you. I never intended to write blog posts. It’s 2019 and basically everybody has a blog. It can get a little overwhelming, at least for me. It seems like everyone has an opinion on everything and everything has already been blogged about.

Wondering how to choose best paper for watercolors? There are about 33.800.000 articles on Google regarding that question.

Not sure how to poach an egg? 47.000.000 articles.

What should I write as my first post? About results. And Google says I should write about myself and my goals with this blog, so here’s

a really short backstory:

As probably every artist always says (though it sounds pretentious to me when I call myself an artist) I have always loved to draw. But I never thought I would be good enough or that it would be more than a hobby. I was drawing because I couldn’t not be doing that. Finally, in 2014 I made an Instagram account just for art, so I wouldn’t bore my friends with constant drawings on my private account. And then after a while (and a lot of ups and downs) I realized that I did improve. And I began to believe that I could be even better. Before that I used to feel very frustrated when the drawings didn’t look the way I wanted them too (not realistic enough; eyes crossed, one bigger than the other; colors completely wrong; paper ruined). And I was never satisfied. It was never good enough. Now I know that the time I spend creating any drawing isn’t wasted even though the result isn’t satisfying. I no longer believe in talent – I only believe in improvement.

But I did think about giving up on drawing a lot. Still do. Whenever I scroll Instagram and come across much more talented and creative artists. Whenever I search Pinterest for inspiration and find hundreds of thousands incredible artworks. Whenever I visit Behance or Dribbble and get lost in all those incredible projects. Will I ever be as good as them? I constantly have to remind myself that there is a visible improvement in my drawings which I’m still afraid to classify as art. And I love drawing. That should be the only thing that matters, right? So now I’m here and I’m writing this and I won’t give up (because I’ve paid for hosting and now I have to keep this site updated). And you shouldn’t either. Did you know that art style is like a fingerprint or zebra’s stripes – there aren’t two which are exactly the same. So next time you doodle when you’re bored, remember that there is no one in the world, dead or alive, who can doodle like you. How ’bout that! And although there are other people with same name and surname as me, there is not another me in the world. Or you, for that matter. Because of that I have decided to occasionally share my experiences here in the form of reviews and roundups and other topics I get questions about on my Instagram. I will focus most on materials, inspiration and stuff that can be helpful to you. The thing I’m most looking forward to is interviewing other contemporary artists whose work I admire. Because even though the amount of incredible artistic projects can be overwhelming, there can never be too many. We need to inspire each other. That’s why I would also love to read and share your opinion and experiences.

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Comparison of a drawing of Winnie Harlow I did in 2016 and 2019 to show the progress I've made.

Thank you for reading a piece of my mind (or skimming through it – I completely understand if you skimmed because I do that too). As you maybe have noticed I don’t feel very confident in myself when it comes to writing, especially for a blog. According to Google you should write simple short sentences with a lot of spaces. Like this. I guess. Just kidding. To be honest the mission with this website/blog is both to try and find my writing voice and develop my own drawing style. All in all, I’m really excited to see how that’s going to work out. But also, I’m here for you and I would be thrilled if you, who are reading this, could comment with your ideas for this blog. Or how you like the website for that matter. Your feedback/opinion/requests are welcome! And if you don’t want to talk, you can check out my portfolio or prints and merch with my drawings on Redbubble, Society6 or Inprnt. Keep an eye out for more content soon.

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