Best Pen for Drawing Portraits


Best Pen for Drawing Portraits

Chapter 2: Monami Fx Style + Monami bp 153

You may have read my previous post regarding Monami Cartoon 153 pens where I’ve told the story of how I was on a quest to find the perfect pen for drawing and I stumbled upon the company Monami Korea.

For the longest time I was trying out different pens: marker pens, fineliners, ballpoint pens, pens, pens, pens in order to find the one which suited my style best. And I didn’t even think I had a distinctive style – I just wanted something that would have the characteristics of a pencil so I could draw the tiny details and not make them as bold as the rest. And the hair, oh the hair, one of my biggest problems. I just couldn’t draw hair with a fineliner, because it would come out too bold, too sharp and too messy, no matter how small the nib size was.

And then I tried using various ballpoint pens. I was satisfied with the general look and feel – being able to actually draw without it looking like a printed coloring book, as I did with fineliners. But still, those ballpoint pens weren’t the best option because they really bled a lot, and every once in a while I would move my hand and smudge the drawing and then I would spend the rest of the time trying to fix it (in which I would rarely succeed).

The Scavenger
drawing with fineliners in 2017
aquaman unfinished
drawing with a random ballpoint pen in January 2019

So I was searching for a tool which would have the following qualities:

  • easy to control the thickness and thinness of the line
  • won’t smudge
  • handy for sketching
drawing with Monami ballpoint 153 & Monami Fx Style

Since pictures (and drawings) speak more than words, you can see that Monami bp 153 has the characteristics I mentioned. But what was surprise to me was actually the other pen Monami was generous enough to send me to sample – Monami Fx Style. It draws really thin lines so it’s suitable for more detailed and tiny work. I was incredibly satisfied with the style of drawing I got when combining these two Monami pens in my recent works.

Sketching with pencils isn’t for me because it always smudges, and I really like strong and visible lines in my illustrations. But I don’t want them to be to bold, because it doesn’t look that well with the other materials I use such as watercolors. Creating with Monami bp 153 has the feel of the pencil, but the lines are more prominent and won’t be covered when painting. Exactly what I was looking for!

Have you tried these pens and what do you think?

What do you think?