hello hola здраво hallo こんにちは hei salut नमस्ते здрасти cześć হাই Tere hoi 안녕하세요 ciao oi હાય merhaba γεια ഹായ് сәлем Haigh прывітанне Chào Ողջու՜յն Сайн байна уу سلام Ahoj Mholweni ہیلو nyob zoo היי Bună Привет 嗨 Szia مرحبا

So you’re here to read About me. The reason for that is (probably) my art so you don’t need to know that I’m 24 years old or that I have a master’s degree in Scandinavian languages, literature and culture or that I have a lot of interests besides drawing (stalk me on Pinterest if you want) and that my primary goal here is to fill this About page with cool projects and collaborations.
I won’t mention how I used to draw since I could hold a pencil – that is true, but I also used to draw arms growing from the sides of a stomach and not shoulders, which isn’t exactly something to be proud of. But that is how I’ve learned to believe in improvement and not give up. And let me tell you another cliché –  I couldn’t live without watercolors.
If you’re wondering about something, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m my own customer support. (Which is funny because I actually work as a customer support representative in real life (this website is not real life obviously)). Or just say hello and suggest what I should draw next.