A5 Single Portrait 

$ 55

Portrait of one person on 15cm x 21cm paper

A4 Single Portrait  

$ 80

Portrait of one person on 21cm x 27cm paper

A5 Couple Portrait 

$ 70

Portrait of a couple on 15cm x 21cm paper

A4 Couple Portrait  

$ 100

Portrait of a couple on 21cm x 27cm paper

A5 Pet Portrait

 $ 50

Portrait of your pet on 15cm x 21cm paper

A4 Pet Portrait

$ 75

Portrait of your pet on 21cm x 27cm paper

A5 Playing Card

$ 65

Playing card design on 15cm x 21cm paper

A4 Playing Card

$ 100

Playing card design on 21cm x 27cm paper

Sketch approval

You get a pencil sketch for approval/revisions first.


You get updates on the painting process, so you can suggest changes. It’s important to me to have satisfied customers.

Both digital & physical

When the drawing is finished, you get the highest quality scan by email and physical drawing delivered by post.

Free shipping!

Shipping worldwide with tracking.


Canson Mix Media Imagine 200 g / m² basis weight

Watercolors, colored pencils and black ballpoint pen.

All I need is a reference photo. The higher quality the better I will be able to see and draw the details more accurately. The more information you provide, the better I can illustrate your work.

The usual waiting time is ca 1 month. When you contact me I’ll let you know when I can start drawing. Please specify if you need a work by a certain deadline.

I will first provide a rough sketch of the composition so you can request changes and/or approve the drawing.

In the last stages of the painting process you’ll get the scans so you can again give your input and ask for some minor changes.

I usually don’t do backgrounds and won’t draw complicated ones. If you’d like one, we can come up with some ideas for a simple background together.

You will receive both a full-resolution of the commission in jpeg by email and the physical drawing by post.

I don’t request paying full price upfront. You will receive both the scan and the physical drawing after the payment is made. Method of payment is PayPal only.

Free shipping internationally with tracking.

Shipping Duration Estimate:
Europe: 1 – 2 weeks
USA: 2 – 4 weeks
Everywhere Else: 3 – 6 weeks


Ian Tarantino

“This woman is amazing, besides being professional and amazingly artistic she is personable as well. I do not feel like she is just trying to sell me on her art, she’s trying to sell me the emotions I want to capture with the pictures I give to her. She checks in and asks for input, she asks if everything looks the way that you want it to look. She is honest, and gets her work done when she said it would be done. She is a geniune woman, a talented artist, and an amazing business woman. I would recommend her to anyone.”

James C.

“Not only did Marta create beautifully detailed art for my character— she was consistently generous with her time to ensure the painting was catered specifically to my needs!”

Jodi T.

“Marta is an incredible artist – but you can already tell that from her portfolio. I want the world to know her fantastic talent is only matched by her beautiful kindness and attentiveness. At every step of our project together she surpassed any expectations and hopes I had. She took the small, scattered thoughts I had about my desired pieces and created a wonderful idea full of potential. I commissioned her for portraits but was unable to provide high quality reference photos so I was worried it might be difficult for her, yet she created a drawing with perfect likeness. She provided pictures and updates at every step and was willing to keep working until I was completely satisfied. She was quick, efficient, helpful, and brilliant throughout the whole process. Once the pieces were finished, she immediately sent me great quality scans and I received the originals incredibly fast. Though my project was personal, part of my job is to commission artists on a regular basis, and I can honestly say Marta is one of the best people I have ever had the chance to work with. If you have to opportunity to work with her, I cannot recommend her and her art enough!“

Daniel Hernandez

“The piece I commissioned from Marta came out exactly the way I wanted and is now one of my prized possessions. She kept in regular communication during the creation process and made sure everything was made to the customer’s satisfaction. She is an astounding artist and I hope to do business with her again in the future.”

Natasha A.

“Marta is incredible! I reached out to her and commissioned a custom tropical Star Wars design. I had a pretty specific vision which I described at length in detail over several emails — and Marta was able to execute it beautifully. Marta is talented, polite, prompt, ships her creations with care, and is such a pleasure to work with. She really goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. I genuinely look forward to working with her again!”


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